We will forge our future together!
Out Of Many, We Are Peoria! 
Good morning, I want to thank God for a new beautiful day! I also want to thank my team, who has worked so diligently in the effort and understanding my thoughts and positions!
​Now that it has been a long week for the team and myself, it's been about three years since the last campaign, so there's some anxiousness this morning! So I'll get right to it...
First, I want to put to rest the questions: 
What have I been doing since the last campaign? 
I've been observing, watching, listening, and learning! But you can always find me in the trenches working... there's a saying that if you love your work, it's like you never work a day in your life... I don't believe that's true, at least not at the food bank.
So why are you running for Mayor again?
I'm running to represent the highest standards of Peoria's history, legacy, and future potential, with relentless representation and setting a plan that inspires more progress, confidence, and growth. Sometimes, great risk will reap great responsibility and great rewards!
I visualize a clean culture in Peoria, Illinois, that will strengthen our ties through networking and connecting opportunities within our community. We will collaborate as one community by pooling our resources with leadership, aiming to add value to our lives. We will secure public safety throughout all of Peoria - north, east, west, and south. We will do this by enhancing information and education, suggesting sound techniques in governing public safety strategies that strongly encourage public services and neighborhood activism, connecting us to a common goal toward prosperity and wellness.
'Common Sense' will be the new status quo in Peoria's leadership, not partisanship, but new opportunities and empowerment. Empowered by the people, for the people in the pursuit of life, liberty, and justice - period! Then, we can focus our attention and energy as a community into investing more time in supporting our local businesses - by accumulating diverse groups of individuals willing to be a part of a common purpose. The time is now that we move toward new ventures when it comes to forging the change Peoria is so desperate to generate for our stability and confidence. The time is now for the rest of the nation, to once again, look to Peoria, Illinois as the example city, instead of our city leaders focusing on other city's leadership as the example; that's what I strive to see! That time is now!
My heart's desire in the running for mayor is to be the spark that encourages a much higher standard than we the citizens have witnessed! A city that pays it forward! And that time is more clear to me NOW, than ever!
The time is NOW for Peoria, Illinois, to become the beacon of social justice and political change. Peoria could be an example for the world to mirror the standards of oneness and compassion in challenging times. This can be done with leadership, that when elected, it'll be our moral obligation to do what we promise to do! To build on the foundation towards making our community stronger, with focus, clarity, inclusion, and representation of all parties and genders. The time is right now for us to lay down our differences and put away our prejudices. The time is now to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and become inventors, producers, educators, and artists! The time is now to put aside our denominations and political views and put on inclusion, as one community! The time is now!! And that's why I'm running to be elected as Mayor of Peoria, Illinois!
E Pluribus Unum!
Out of many, we are Peoria, Illinois! The time is right now!
Couri Thomas for Mayor of Peoria
Couri Thomas for Mayor of Peoria
Couri Thomas for Mayor of Peoria